THE CONTROL PANEL AT THE FOOT OF THE PAGE Just about everything in the control panel box at the foot of the page is clickable giving you a range of ways to retrieve information. The control panel appears at the foot of every page you visit. Clicking the Nanaimo City Hall Blog tab or the large heading at the top of every page will return you to the home page.

Here’s how to most quickly and easily retrieve the information you’re looking for:

CATEGORIES Posts are indexed by category and more will be added as needed.

CONTRIBUTORS Organizes posts by author.

NEWEST COMMENTS Organized from most recent, links to the relevant post.

NEWEST POSTS Organized from most recent and at the foot of the retrieved post clickable arrows move you to earlier posts and back again.

SEARCH Search the site for anything you’re looking for. Enter a keyword and it will retrieve all relevant posts.

ARCHIVES Posts from most recent are also available by clicking the Archives tab at the top of page.

POSTS BY DATE Click the date and see all the posts entered on that day.

Also in the control panel box:

EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION At the bottom left corner you’ll see the email subscription box. Enter your email and you’ll be automatically notified of new posts on the site. Free and easy. No spam, no use of your email address for any other purpose. Unsubscribe is one-click easy right on the emails you receive. Easy and instant.