Goldner Report Refused by Investigator

Ron Bolin: March 18, 2018

The letter from the OIPCBC Investigator, dated March 9, 2018, which reached me on March 16 (following initiation on Janauary 25, 2018), and giving me a week to accede or to pursue my inquiry regarding the Goldner Report further, can be read by clicking on the following  OIPCBC Mar 9 20180316_12550482

In short, it informs me that my request to see the Goldner Report, in either full or redacted form, has been refused and that I have just a few days to request that the inquiry proceed further.  If you want to know more about the inquiry take a look at the following posts:

I, for one, resent being told that, as an ordinary tax paying citizen, I am so far below the salt at the table of representative government that I can be easily brushed off.  I have not granted all my rights to public information to those who have been elected for four years or those appointed by them.  Am I alone?  I would appreciate your comments and assistance on this inquiry.