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It’s 3pm –Do you know where your Council is?

Ron Bolin: August 26, 2011 It’s 3pm on Monday, August 29, 2011.  Do you know where your Council is?  Actually, they will be in the same small City Hall board room in which they met last Monday at 4:30pm sitting as a “Special” Council meeting.  This time they meet at 3pm sitting as the Finance […]

Treated Water for Every Purpose?

Ron Bolin: August 2, 2011                                             The organization of cities makes infrastructure demands which can only be met by common and coordinated efforts led by some governing body.  To get around in limited space means that a network of roads must be laid out, developed and maintained.  To provide electricity or natural gas, at least by […]

123 more days til E-Day

Ron Bolin: July 19,2011 Thus far on our electoral journey we have perhaps produced some heat, but, as some of our commenters have pointed out, relatively little light.  Perhaps we need to try a different tack, moving on from what we don’t like to what we would like to see done if we could elect […]

Generous to a Fault

Ron Bolin: June 17, 2011 The words of Matthew (25:29) rang true on Monday night as Nanaimo City Council undertook the entire cost of installing a City sewer installation in the Green Lake area.  This will cost taxpayers about $31, 700 for each of 101 lots for a total of about $3.2 million. There was […]

Supportive Social Housing – Bowen Rd. on Hold

Gord Fuller – June 7, 2011  Alrighty then, this is a bit on the long side but in a bid to provide some factual info what the heh. So on May 30th a motion was made by Councillor Bill Holdom to approve the rezoning of the proposed Supportive Housing location on Bowen Rd. but put […]

Fred Taylor on the Bowen Road Rezoning for “Wet” Housing

This post was written by Fred Taylor, respected Nanaimo watchdog, and was submitted by him for publication on the blog.  It contains the body of his presentation to Council at the May 5 Public Hearing which will again continue on May 11. It raises important issues about the process which has been followed in this […]

Newcastle+Brechin Draft Plan at Council March 14

Daniel Appell: March 7, 2011 The Newcastle + Brechin Neighbourhood draft plan is going to council March 14. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you are probably aware of my views regarding this plan. To briefly recap, this is not a real neighbourhood plan. This is a destructive farce of a […]

The Race is on… Isn’t it?

Ron Bolin, Feb. 28, 2010 We know the field.  Now we need to know the candidates and their issues.  Thus far I have seen about 80-125 words per candidate in the Daily News, and about 275 words per candidate in the Bulletin.  In returning to the Daily News this morning to check some info, I […]

The “Other” City Council Meetings

Ron Bolin: Feb. 3, 2011 In 2011 Nanaimo City Council will hold 18 Monday regular Council Meetings in the 300 seat Shaw Auditorium at our downtown conference centre.  During this same year, the full Council will meet 19 times as the “Finance and Policy Committee of the Whole” (FPCOW) in the board room of City […]

A New Direction for Brechin+Newcastle

Daniel Appell, Jan. 31, 2011 At the last PNAC meeting the discussion of the neighbourhood plan for Brechin+Newcastle was begun. Up to now PNAC has only been apprised of the progress of this so called “plan” in its draft stages. This last meeting involved representatives from community groups presenting very brief descriptions of their concerns […]