The Value of Planning Information – “I seen my opportunities and I took ‘em”

Ron Bolin: Nov. 20, 2010 The pithy quote above comes from a treatise on “honest graft” and other political insights by an early 2oth century Tammany Hall political operative by the name of George Washington Plunkitt.  The opening paragraphs of the book are as follows: “EVERYBODY is talkin’ these days about Tammany men growin’ rich […]

Think before you “Sign”: A Letter to the Mayor

Jim Galloway:  Nov. 7, 2010 Mayor John Ruttan, I’m concerned! Why? For both Single Family and Multi Family (2 – 4 units) the proposed Bylaw would allow one Realtor sign up to 4′ X4′; plus

Selling our Birthright for a Mess of Pottage

Ron Bolin:  Nov.7, 2010 Why is it that our Planning Department and our Council seem so anxious to sell off the most precious feature that our municipal environment has to offer?  The choice is both short sighted and maladaptive. 

Status of Nanaimo vs Millennium – Judge’s Arbitration Ruling

Ron Bolin: Dec. 1, 2010 The judges decision in the case of the City of Nanaimo vs.  Millennium Nanaimo Properties Ltd. and Suro Development Corporation is in.   Millennium’s right to go to arbitration is upheld.  This means several things for Nanaimo’s citizens: 1) higher legal costs in this matter; 2) that arguments will take place […]

Tax Sale Policy Well Conceived??

Ron Bolin — September, 29, 2010 Darrell Bellart’s story in today’s Daily News: “Tax sale policy well conceived” fails to make its case. While embroidering the concept, the fundamental nature of the obligations which the city has taken on is absent. For example: Were the houses we have purchased owner occupied, rented or vacant and as […]

Due Process?

Ron Bolin — September 6, 2010 Complaint to the Office of the BC Ombudsperson att. Ms. Kim Carter   September 6, 2010 Ms. Carter:   I have attached below the email exchange which I believe covers the requirements outlined on your web page for launching a complaint, in this case against the City of Nanaimo.  […]

Less than Mushrooms…

Ron Bolin — July 26, 2010 What have we been told about the final total cost of the Conference Centre?  What have we been told about the reasons why we paid some $600,000 to our former City Manager to go away?  What have we been told about our suit against the Millennium and Suro development […]

Is the City planning for plug-in vehicles?

email from NanaimoCityHall blog reader Gordon Scott to date Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 9:57 PM subject: accommodation for plug-in hybrids? I live in the Yellow Point area and frequently drive into the city of Nanaimo to shop and do business. I believe that in approximately 18 months we will see the roll out […]

Who’s in Charge Here? – A letter to the Mayor and Council

Mayor Ruttan and Council: At the Council meeting of May 10, a $5 million contract came before you (RFP 1003) which appeared to be passed in large part because Staff reported that they had obtained legal advice that if it were not awarded, the City might be open to litigation. Councillor Sherry, late in the […]

Email re Port Place Mall to Mayor Ruttan; Council; Planners Swabey, Tucker

Mayor Ruttan Nanaimo City Councillors Director, Planning Andrew Tucker GM, Development Ted Swabey ____________________________ I am an enthusiastic fan of your award winning document Downtown Design Guidelines. (The Planning Institute of BC’s 2009 highest honour) This plan and its guidelines approved and adopted by Council were to serve as a “living” document that was to […]