Have we killed the goose?

Ron Bolin: June 28, 2012 At the Public Hearing this evening at the Shaw Auditorium (which unfortunately will not be either broadcast or captured on video) Council decided to approve a rezoning application which will put a private recycling venture immediately across the street from and in competition with the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange which has […]

Water over the Dam -and Dollars too

The great debate at Monday’s Council meeting was over the Blue Community initiative.  While the generalities of the issue regarding water had been approved back in 1996, the point of conflict was over whether the City would or would not permit the sale of bottled water in its venues.  You can read about this decision […]

Some Notes on Nanaimo’s 2011 Annual Report to be presented Monday, June 18, 4:30pm at the Shaw Auditorium

Ron Bolin: June 14, 2012 This coming Monday, Nanaimo citizens who are able to make a meeting scheduled at 4:30 in the afternoon downtown in Nanaimo can bring their observations, concerns and kudos on one of the City’s most significant documents to their Council in open meeting.  The document under discussion is one of the […]

It’s About Time

Ron Bolin: June 6, 2012 At Monday’s Council meeting, as a result of a petitioner’s pleading ignorance of an unfavourable RCMP report on his company’s request to change its liquor license so as to more than double its seating capacity, several Councillors, led by Councillor Brennan and supported by Councillors Greves and Anderson, put forward […]

More In Camera Meetings than Council Meetings

How Council’s time is allotted The Council Key Date Calendar shows the following information regarding Council’s primary meeting schedule for 2012; i.e. Council Meetings, Committee of the Whole Meetings and Public Hearings.  The breakdown looks like this: Council Meetings:   21 scheduled Committee of the Whole Meetings:   16 scheduled (to date one cancelled and two specials […]

Back to Blogging

Ron Bolin: May 7, 2012 On Friday I was notified that my Daily News column for May 18 will be my last.  It seems that they will be making some changes to their op-ed and that I am to be one of them.  The job lasted a half a year and we will part, as […]


Ron Bolin: April 25, 2012 In a column for the Daily News on Friday, April 20, I wrote about the covenants that were to be placed on the possible sale of the old City Hall Annex and their implications: In a subsequent comment on it I wrote that,” I understand that the office building […]

Is it a record?

Ron Bolin: April 13, 2012 The agenda for Monday’s Regular Meeting of City Council is some 412 pages in length and more may come in the final amended version which will be out on Monday prior to the 7pm meeting in the Shaw auditorium.  If I were a Councillor I would certainly let it be […]

Rhetoric and Ideas?

Ron Bolin:  April 1, 2012 In a March 31 article in the Nanaimo Daily News by Tamara Cunningham, Mayor Ruttan is quoted as saying that: “Most of the committee of the whole meetings are about rhetoric and ideas…” and appears to be, at best, lukewarm to these “other” Council meetings being held in the broader […]

Save Linley Valley West will host first public forum

Edna Chadwick: March 29, 2010 Save Linley Valley West, a group of Nanaimo residents concerned about the potential destruction of a unique environment and habitat in the west side of Linley Valley, is hosting its first-ever public forum on Wed. April 4 at the Kin Hut, 2730 Departure bay Rd., starting at 7 p.m. So […]