Roger Kemble: June 30, 2014 Raging outside my window, June 30, a jackhammer is digging into the rock to clear the way for a proposed six-story condominium about to commence construction on the north end of Chapel Street. Coming to July now it is coming on four months of unreasonable noise and evidently the city […]

Bye, Bye UCB, Bye, Bye Linley Valley et al.

Ron Bolin: April 17, 2014 In 1994 Council received a report entitled “Managing Blocks of Vacant Land”. This report provided options for reviewing development applications within the Linley Valley (then known as the North Nanaimo Planning Reserve) and the vacant blocks of land in the City. In 1996, with the adoption of Plan Nanaimo, the […]

The Nanaimo Way

Dan Appell: Sept. 19, 2013 In large part this little rant was inspired by a presentation given by Todd Latham titled “Rejuvenating our cities” and sponsored the “Inspire Nanaimo” group. I love this city. After spending far too long a summer in Calgary, I’ve returned to realize that I love this city more than I […]

Front Room? Back Room?

Ron Bolin: July 9, 2013 Last night at City Council on the 50th anniversary of the arrest of two first nations individuals on the charge of hunting deer out of season, Chief Douglas White III Kwulasultun, spoke passionately to Council concerning Snuneymuxw interests and rights in the matter of fisheries as they may be impacted […]

DENY, DENY, DENY – The On-going Saga of Colliery Dams

Lawrence Rieper: June 28, 2013 DENY, DENY, DENY – The On-going Saga of Colliery Dams: More of what the City would like us to believe and what the citizens are discovering along the way. I recently discovered the “Chase River Inundation Study -1963” at BC Archives (CM/B 2547 # 1247 –Sheet 1 & CM/C 2667 […]

Off with their Heads!

Ron Bolin: June 12, 2013 At its meeting of June 10, 2013, Nanaimo City Council, in a 5 to 4 decision, decided to “authorize the public tender call for the removal of the lower and middle Chase River Dams.”  This decision followed impassioned calls from the public, accompanied by some 37 presentations, all opposed to […]

The Horror! The Horror!

Ron Bolin: May 24, 2013 The following email from Mr. Stead went to Council and to many others yesterday.  It raises questions which all of us sometimes ask about living in Nanaimo, but until the Colliery Dams question came along tended to ignore.  (Movie goers or readers may recognize the words in the heading to […]

Fool me Once???

Ron Bolin: May 21, 2013 Following a search for the proper venue, on Thursday, April 4, of this year I sent an email to Ms. June Hicklin, Advisory Officer, Local Government Department, Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development regarding the degree to which a public referendum under provincial guidelines provided obligations on both the […]

What we have here is (deliberate?) failure to communicate

Ron Bolin: May 14, 2013 At 3:44 yesterday afternoon the Provincial Dam Safety Board sent a letter to the City which demanded some action this year to mitigate the possibility of any imminent catastrophic failure of the middle and lower Colliery Dams.  Why this letter should be sent less than four hours before a Council […]

Nanaimo Dams and Dangers – A new Look

Lawrence Rieper: May 6, 2013 Mayor & Council, City of Nanaimo Ladies & Gentlemen, I ask that you peruse the attached report and apply the contents to your deliberations on the future of the Colliery Dams. Please give consideration to ordering a second look at the actual population contained within the Chase River flood inundation […]