Berry Pay Hike

Ron Bolin — September 30, 2010 Letter to the Editor, Nanaimo Daily News: Derek Spaldings “Former city manager will get increase to severance payout” is indeed a stick in the City’s eye, but it is hard to see how the city can keep him from getting an increase better than 3 times that of our […]

Tax Sale Policy Well Conceived??

Ron Bolin — September, 29, 2010 Darrell Bellart’s story in today’s Daily News: “Tax sale policy well conceived” fails to make its case. While embroidering the concept, the fundamental nature of the obligations which the city has taken on is absent. For example: Were the houses we have purchased owner occupied, rented or vacant and as […]

NIMBY Noise Makers Are in the Minority

Gord Fuller — September 29, 2010 Editor: Nanaimo Daily News Re: ‘Neighbours don’t want low-cost housing nearby‘ (Daily News, Sept. 14) and ‘Rich end of Nanaimo has its share of problems’ (Daily News, Sept 20) Sooner or later the dreaded term NIMBY will rear its ugly head when associated with these three recent stories. I […]

Four Year Terms for Council?

Ron Bolin —  September 24, 2010 Letter to the Editor: Tom Fletcher’s piece, “Municipal politicians to vote on four-year elected terms”  (Bulletin, Sept. 23, 2010) raises an important question: When was the public asked for their approval to give four year terms to municipal politicians?  Does the public have any say in this matter or […]

Wimping our Way Back to Serfdom

Ron Bolin  —  September 16, 2010 Letter to the Editor: Derek Spalding’s Daily News article, “Millennium ordered to repay $3M to city of Nanaimo” on Sept. 15 is a sad story as it suggests we may never see the money we are owed.  But much sadder are the kinds of comments which it has attracted […]

Undeveloped hole a blight in city core

Dan Appell  —  September 1, 2010 To the Editor, Nanaimo News Bulletin Re: Seawalk condo project on hold, Aug. 28. I am troubled by the mayor’s attitude toward the Seawalk condo project. His attitude leaves us with a very big, ugly hole in a primary location for an indefinite amount of time. That hole does […]

All Aboard for Citizen Journalism

Ron Bolin  —  Aug. 28, 2010 Your humble contributors here at , are finding that interest in our blog is now joined by a veritable treasure trove of media opening up to citizen journalists of all types.  Here are contacts for the others who are now coming on board (though to be honest, Paul […]

Giving away the Future

Ron Bolin  —  August 9, 2010 At its August 9, 2010 meeting, in a five to one vote (Councillors Holdom, Kipp and Sherry were absent), Council chose to give away future bargaining power over the development of our downtown waterfront area for no comprehensible reason other than that the developer asked to have his rights […]

City, developers looking to wreck waterfront area

Dan Appell — July 22, 2010 To the Editor, Nanaimo News Bulletin Re: Brechin residents don’t own city’s waterfront region, Letters, July 17. I must respond to John Bailey’s very insulting letter. To start, I am not a resident of Newcastle/Brechin Hill, but I have been involved in the community’s efforts to create a plan […]

City’s summer employment numbers misleading

Gord Fuller — July 21, 2010 To the Editor, Nanaimo News Bulletin The fact that unemployment in Nanaimo dropped from nine per cent to eight per cent in June may not be cause for jubilation. Generally, an increase in employment takes place during the summer, though these are primarily low-paying service based jobs with little […]