A Question of Councillor Liability

Ron Bolin: March 18, 2015 A Letter to the Editor of the Nanaimo Daily News re: City seeks legal advice on liability: Spencer Anderson, NDN March 18, 2014 Who is advising our Councillors that they may be liable for damages in what are, in effect, “Acts of God”? We heard these protestations of liability when […]

No sponsor to push to look into event, says Mayor? Who raised this question anyway??

Ron Bolin: Feb. 19, 2015 The following Letter was sent to the Daily News yesterday.  I am at a loss to understand the City’s position in this matter as it involves spending taxpayer funds, apparently without Council agreement, to protect the status of a horse that has long since fled the barn unofficially.  Why is […]

RFP, AGLG, our Pocketbooks and the Product

Ron Bolin: Nov. 14, 2012 A Letter to Two Local Editors: The City recently issued an RFP for a consultant to perform a study of governance for the City of Nanaimo at a cost estimated to be up to around $50,000. At the same time, the Province announced its first Auditor General for Local Governments […]

Asking the Right Questions

Letter to the Editor: re: Survey seeks visitors’ thoughts about Maffeo Sutton Park By Staff Writer – Nanaimo News Bulletin Published: July 05, 2012 8:00 AM Let me be among the first to laud our Parks and Recreation Department and the lands and assets that it manages on our behalf, but…  I took the survey, […]

Economic Development(s)

Gord Fuller: March 30, 2012 I don’t know what others think but we, the taxpayer, have shelled out more than $1.4 million for the new Economic Development Corporation and with the latest stories coming out from the D/N I am not impressed.  Ms. Cudahy is being paid quite well for the job she is supposed […]

Another “Vote to get a Vote” referendum – water flowing underground

Ron Bolin: July 11, 2011 At its meeting of July 11, 2011, Council backed yet another “Vote to get a Vote” referendum, otherwise known as the “Alternatative Approval Process”, dealing with water.  The negative option elector response which will require 6268 signed forms to require a real vote states that: “I am OPPOSED to the […]

Blogs, Brennan and Bad Information

Ron Bolin: July 9, 2011 Re:  Blogs not great for information, Diane Brennan, Daily News, July 8, 2011 Unfortunately it is not only blogs that are not great for information.  A great deal of the problem with which blogs must cope is the same as that which the public must cope, and, I fear, all […]

Generous to a Fault

Ron Bolin: June 17, 2011 The words of Matthew (25:29) rang true on Monday night as Nanaimo City Council undertook the entire cost of installing a City sewer installation in the Green Lake area.  This will cost taxpayers about $31, 700 for each of 101 lots for a total of about $3.2 million. There was […]

Where’s the Beef? Here’s the Beef!

Ron Bolin:  May 7, 2011 Re: “Politicians explain decision on annex”, by Derek Spalding, Daily News, on May 06. I am puzzled by the city’s ability to leap from a call for expressions of interest based, as I recall, on some vague parameters, to an apparently signed contract, in a single bound.  Normally, as I […]

Email to Mayor: Who’ll Step Up, Take Responsibility?

Frank Murphy — October 12, 2010 Re:   Long road ahead to recover money From:    <> To:    <Mayor&> CC:    <> Mayor Ruttan, I was concerned about a comment attributed to you in today’s Nanaimo News Bulletin (Long road ahead to recover hotel money, Nanaimo mayor says) and before I sent my response […]