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Oh What a Day it Was!

Ron Bolin: Nov. 16, 2014   Election Day in Nanaimo, Nov. 15, 2014, led to the following Council results: 6 of 9 on Council are new. Mayor (one of the 9 above) is new. 5 of the 9 have not been elected to public office previously, but some have had related experience. 4 out of […]

All I want for Christmas is a laneway… and double the density… and part of Georgia Park:

Ron Bolin: Sept 5, 2014 Monday, August 4, was another exciting night at a Public Hearing as a battle over the “Hilton” hotel properties at 10 and 28 Front Street and its implications raged between those with dollars in their eyes and those determined to protect Georgia Park. In the end the zoning changes requested […]


Roger Kemble: June 30, 2014 Raging outside my window, June 30, a jackhammer is digging into the rock to clear the way for a proposed six-story condominium about to commence construction on the north end of Chapel Street. Coming to July now it is coming on four months of unreasonable noise and evidently the city […]

Waste-to-Energy Event, Wed., Jan.22, 2013: The Opening Public Salvo

Ron Bolin: January 23, 2013 At its opening invitation-only public promotion salvo yesterday, the proponents of an incinerator at Duke Point brought in Mr. John Foden, Executive Director of the Canadian Energy From Waste Coalition to provide some remarks on Waste-to-Energy in the context of what is happening in the incineration wing of the waste […]


COLLIERY DAMS TECHNICAL COMMITTEE, January 10, 2013 Background Mandate of Technical Committee: On October 21, 2013 the City of Nanaimo struck the Technical Committee with a mandate to focus on outcomes that only involve remediating the existing dams, using the following phased approach: Phase 1: Review the existing data and direct additional data collection as […]

Letters to the Editor: Lost and Stripped

Ron Bolin: Nov. 13, 2013 I have recently written two letters to the Editor of the Nanaimo Daily News regarding issues which I believe are important, not only to me, but to the general public of Nanaimo.  One was not published, apparently due to my chiding of the author of a significant story that his […]


Lawrence Rieper : jULY, 2013 In 1903, the following city reservoirs were listed, along with their capacities: #1=  8 million gallons (after 1910 = 14 million gallons); #2 = 11 million gallons; #4 = 71 million gallons; #6 = 22 million gallons (City of Nanaimo, Finance Department, Series 6, Published Financial Statements 1901- 1932, Nanaimo […]

The Race is on… Isn’t it?

Ron Bolin, Feb. 28, 2010 We know the field.  Now we need to know the candidates and their issues.  Thus far I have seen about 80-125 words per candidate in the Daily News, and about 275 words per candidate in the Bulletin.  In returning to the Daily News this morning to check some info, I […]

Why We’re So Clueless About Being Green

Dan Appell  —  August 22, 2010 Newsweek published an interesting little primer on the green movement. It touches only briefly on the issues involved in changing our behaviour so that we can create sustainability, but it does touch on all the issues. Why We’re So Clueless About Being Green Home