Doublespeak at City Hall?

Fred Taylor: September 12, 2011 City of Nanaimo 455 Wallace Street Nanaimo, B.C. Mayor Ruttan & Council Members: I ask the Council to ‘table’ the Report “Designation of Park Land – Park Dedication Bylaw No. 7137” for consideration at the next Council meeting. The public must have the opportunity to review the complete document; as […]

Fred Taylor: Calling City Hall

Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 13:28:07 -0700 To: mayor& From: Fred Taylor <> Subject: city hall the long weekend just past gave everyone extra rest the graffiti artists extra time to play in my rest, I dreamed they ‘painted’ City Hall my God !!    they did, you should see the parking lot !! their expertise […]

How high is too high, and where?

Pam Agnew:  September 2, 2011, intro by Ron Bolin On September 8 there will be a Public Hearing dealing with a number of issues, many relating to changes in the recently passed new zoning bylaw.  One of these deals with the heights of buildings in residential neighbourhoods.   This issue finds developers organizing to keep the […]

Where’s the Beef? Here’s the Beef!

Ron Bolin:  May 7, 2011 Re: “Politicians explain decision on annex”, by Derek Spalding, Daily News, on May 06. I am puzzled by the city’s ability to leap from a call for expressions of interest based, as I recall, on some vague parameters, to an apparently signed contract, in a single bound.  Normally, as I […]

Department of Land Use Change Management?

Mayor Ruttan and Councillors: In attending last night’s first open house concerning the new zoning bylaw, I was disappointed to find that several fundamental issues which I had previously raised remained un-addressed. First of these is a representation of the magnitude and location of the proposed zoning changes, i.e. a map which shows only the lots which […]

Zoning Bylaw Open Houses

Posted By: Gord Fuller As someone who lives and has lived in the South End for a number of years I have often been curious when it comes to the location of City run Public Open Houses around issues like the OCP Review, Parks Bylaw and most recently the Zoning Bylaw re-write.  I for one […]

A Suggestion for Better Communication

Ron Bolin, Jan. 24, 2011 The following message was sent this morning with a request for response.  I offer it here for NCH Blog readers with a similar request for response.  What do you think about this approach? ——————————————————- Mayor Ruttan, Councillors and CAO Kenning: A Suggestion for Better Communication: In the interest of better […]

In the Matter of the Core Review

Mayor Ruttan, Councillors, Staff, Citizens: In the matter of the Core Services Review concerning which Council’s direction is sought this evening, I ask that you recommend option D, i.e. the Penticton model.  You may recall that Penticton chose this option as it was felt that it was needed to assess an increasingly difficult financial situation.  […]

Think before you “Sign”: A Letter to the Mayor

Jim Galloway:  Nov. 7, 2010 Mayor John Ruttan, I’m concerned! Why? For both Single Family and Multi Family (2 – 4 units) the proposed Bylaw would allow one Realtor sign up to 4′ X4′; plus

Status of Nanaimo vs Millennium – Judge’s Arbitration Ruling

Ron Bolin: Dec. 1, 2010 The judges decision in the case of the City of Nanaimo vs.  Millennium Nanaimo Properties Ltd. and Suro Development Corporation is in.   Millennium’s right to go to arbitration is upheld.  This means several things for Nanaimo’s citizens: 1) higher legal costs in this matter; 2) that arguments will take place […]