Economic Development(s)

Gord Fuller: March 30, 2012 I don’t know what others think but we, the taxpayer, have shelled out more than $1.4 million for the new Economic Development Corporation and with the latest stories coming out from the D/N I am not impressed.  Ms. Cudahy is being paid quite well for the job she is supposed […]

Conference Centre in the news

Gordon Fuller: March 11, 2011 So the NNC or VICC Vancouver Island Conference Centre makes the news again with a possible change in licensing from Food Primary to Liqour Primary. Don’t know about the readers but I find this story, Conference centre could get another helping hand, and Denise Tacon’s comments in particular to be […]

This Monday’s Brain Teasers

Ron Bolin, Mar 1, 2011 At the 7pm opening of the Feb. 28, 2011, meeting of Nanaimo’s City Council, I recognized as in  attendance three of the six candidates running for a seat on Council in this month’s by-election.  At its 11: 20pm close I saw none of them.  Not a good start.  Neither did […]

The Race is on… Isn’t it?

Ron Bolin, Feb. 28, 2010 We know the field.  Now we need to know the candidates and their issues.  Thus far I have seen about 80-125 words per candidate in the Daily News, and about 275 words per candidate in the Bulletin.  In returning to the Daily News this morning to check some info, I […]

New Cruise Ship Terminal: Money up the Stack of a Pile Driver

Comment from J. Olson posted here for further comment, discussion So now the public is informed that someone is spending $22.5 million tax payer dollars on a dock because the cruise ship industry does not like the operational costs associated with tendering ports where they have to use their own crew and life boats to […]

How’s that Economic Development Thing Coming Along?

Frank Murphy  —  August 23, 2010 Mayor Ruttan told the Daily News on August 20 that interest in establishing a passenger ferry into Vancouver harbour had “fizzled”.  No mention of whether or not this related to the exciting news that some months ago the mayor announced he’d be revealing very soon — any day now. […]

A view of the Port Place redevelopment from the boat basin

Dan Appell — August 3, 2010 I have some concerns related to the Port Place Mall development and with broader planning issues related to ocean side development, retail development, downtown development and the planning process in general. I have a lot of concerns. Its difficult to know where to start. I decided to start at […]

Local pilot Gordon Heys’ address to Council re arbitrary lease changes to General Aviation at Nanaimo Airport

Date May 17, 2010 Dear Mayor and Council Members, I am pleased to be given the opportunity to speak to Mayor and Council on the things that General Aviation does for a community. Despite what a great many people think, the average cost of a plane on our airport is similar to the cost of […]

City Provides Comprehensive Info

As previously indicated, the City has now provided comprehensive information on its official Commissions, Committees, Boards, etc. and is to be congratulated on the comprehensive nature of the information provided. It was worth the wait and will, I am certain, be kept up to date. To see the information provided go to the relevant City […]