..It Comes in Threes in Nanaimo

By David Brown: January 15, 2017 Good luck comes in threes. Bad luck comes in threes. Municipal mega-projects also come in threes – at least in Nanaimo. Nanaimo has done the Port Theatre and the Convention Centre.  Now the Make Nanaimo Great people are pushing for a multiplex. What is a multiplex? It is a […]

Oh What a Day it Was!

Ron Bolin: Nov. 16, 2014   Election Day in Nanaimo, Nov. 15, 2014, led to the following Council results: 6 of 9 on Council are new. Mayor (one of the 9 above) is new. 5 of the 9 have not been elected to public office previously, but some have had related experience. 4 out of […]

All I want for Christmas is a laneway… and double the density… and part of Georgia Park:

Ron Bolin: Sept 5, 2014 Monday, August 4, was another exciting night at a Public Hearing as a battle over the “Hilton” hotel properties at 10 and 28 Front Street and its implications raged between those with dollars in their eyes and those determined to protect Georgia Park. In the end the zoning changes requested […]

Question re: Hotel

Ron Bolin: May 15, 2014 On Tuesday morning, May 13, I received an email with the header: “Question re: Hotel”. This is what it contained: Ron, I’m a reporter for The New York Times and I’m working on a story that touches tangentially on something that came up recently in Nanaimo. Do you have a […]

Waste-to-Energy Event, Wed., Jan.22, 2013: The Opening Public Salvo

Ron Bolin: January 23, 2013 At its opening invitation-only public promotion salvo yesterday, the proponents of an incinerator at Duke Point brought in Mr. John Foden, Executive Director of the Canadian Energy From Waste Coalition to provide some remarks on Waste-to-Energy in the context of what is happening in the incineration wing of the waste […]

“Smart” meters, Electro-smog and Electronic Warfare

Ron Bolin: Jan, 27, 2013 I’ll bet you didn’t know that Canada has had an electronic warfare unit for many years.  If you’d like to see their Coat of Arms, go to: Ever wonder what’s the big deal about wireless technology? Why do people worry about privacy, security and health concerns in relation to […]

Not Just Any Old Port….This one needs a Storm! – updated

Jan.23, 2013 We have received permission from the Snuneymuxh Band to provide a copy of the letter which they have sent to the Nanaimo Port Authority regarding the NPA’s proposal to give a 30 year lease on the Nanaimo downtown harbour to an American private corporation.  It deserves our attention. 2013-01-18 SFN to NPA re […]

Needed: More Positive Thinking?

David Brown: Dec. 27, 2012 Barbara Ehrenreich wrote an excellent book titled “Bright-Sided”. It is all about that peculiar North American cult known as the Positive Thinkers. In Chapter 2 of the book she examines the core notion of the Positive Thinkers. It is the law of attractions. “Visualize what you want and it will […]

What’s Up at Monday’s ( Dec. 3) Council Meeting

Ron Bolin: Nov. 30, 2012 A few items caught my eye as I looked through the 311 page agenda for the “official” meeting of Council on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012, 7pm, in the Shaw Auditorium in the Conference Centre.  (Boy it’s lucky that Staff got the agenda out late on Thursday or we wouldn’t have […]

This is Progress

Ron Bolin: August 22, 2012 Yesterday afternoon I attended the latest meeting of Nanaimo’s Progress Board.  In case you are not familiar with this City institution, it was established by Nanaimo’s City Council last year along with the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation (NEDC).  The corporation was to take over from the City’s Economic Development Office […]