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Gifts, Grants, Exemptions: Who Pays?

Ron Bolin: Sept. 24, 2013 The following is the text of my delegation to Council last night: Mayor Ruttan and Councillors: I come before you to speak to item 8(a) re: CA1 – COVENANT AMENDMENT  – 3443 AND 3355 MEADOW LANE ROAD AND 3312 HAMMOND Bay Road. The move to alter long standing practices by […]


Ron Bolin: August 18, 2013 It is often noted that the Chinese word for crisis includes both the character for danger and that for opportunity.  While linguistically this interpretation comes under some criticism, it is certain that the concept of the dangers and the opportunities inherent in a crisis are understood in any language. Nanaimo’s […]

Curses, Foiled Again!

Ron Bolin: July 7, 2013 “Curses, foiled again!”  This classic phrase from Snidely Whiplash (or was it Dick Dastardly) could be imagined as emanating from the mouths of our City leaders as a BC Supreme Court  judge on Friday ignored their pleas to overturn the principle of “Innocent until proven guilty”.  Despite the City’s liberal […]

What we did last Monday

Ron Bolin: June 30, 2013 I say “we” because what the Council which we elected does is done in our name and we need to take responsibility for our actions.  It is too easy to talk about “them” and what “they” are doing.  We picked them, even if it was only about 14% of us […]

A Banner Council Meeting

Ron Bolin: June 19, 2013 Monday’s was a banner meeting for City Council.  A black banner, I would say.  The issues were important, their treatment trivial and the fractures among Councillors obvious. To give my reasoning on these issues I will provide the text of the delegation comments as well as a brief review of […]

Off with their Heads!

Ron Bolin: June 12, 2013 At its meeting of June 10, 2013, Nanaimo City Council, in a 5 to 4 decision, decided to “authorize the public tender call for the removal of the lower and middle Chase River Dams.”  This decision followed impassioned calls from the public, accompanied by some 37 presentations, all opposed to […]

Fool me Once???

Ron Bolin: May 21, 2013 Following a search for the proper venue, on Thursday, April 4, of this year I sent an email to Ms. June Hicklin, Advisory Officer, Local Government Department, Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development regarding the degree to which a public referendum under provincial guidelines provided obligations on both the […]

What we have here is (deliberate?) failure to communicate

Ron Bolin: May 14, 2013 At 3:44 yesterday afternoon the Provincial Dam Safety Board sent a letter to the City which demanded some action this year to mitigate the possibility of any imminent catastrophic failure of the middle and lower Colliery Dams.  Why this letter should be sent less than four hours before a Council […]

Another Provincial Election Ignoring Citizens living in Municipalities

Ron Bolin: May 9, 2013 Think about it.  There will be a provincial election next week which will see either some new faces in an old party in power or some old faces in a new party in power.  From none of the participant parties have I heard much about the governance of our municipalities […]

More News on the Nanaimo Ratepayers Association

Ron Bolin: April 26, 2013 Don Graham of the Nanaimo Ratepayers Association has provided an updated version of its Manifesto and a date for its first public meeting which will be held on Wednesday, May 29, at 7pm in the Kin Hut on Departure Bay.  I suspect that there may be some retrospective discussion of […]