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..It Comes in Threes in Nanaimo

By David Brown: January 15, 2017 Good luck comes in threes. Bad luck comes in threes. Municipal mega-projects also come in threes – at least in Nanaimo. Nanaimo has done the Port Theatre and the Convention Centre.  Now the Make Nanaimo Great people are pushing for a multiplex. What is a multiplex? It is a […]

re: September 28 Council Meetings

Ron Bolin: September 27, 2015 Letter to Mayor and Council sent to Council, Sept. 27, 2015 Mayor McKay and Councillors: I offer the following comments about tomorrow afternoon’s meetings for your consideration: Core Services Review Steering Committee It is fervently to be hoped that the Core Services Review Steering Committee will be recorded and thus […]

Conduct In Conflict?

Ron Bolin: March 15, 2015 The following emails have been sent, the first to Mayor McKay and the latter two to Mayor and Council, both Newspapers and the last has added Mr. Swabey as the previous had not yet been answered.  These are serious questions relating to a serious issue which will come before Council […]

The Team has Changed. Has the game Changed?

Mayor McKay and Councillors: The agenda for Monday’s (Jan.12) Council meeting looks like a page right out of the last Council’s playbook. On Thursday afternoon, an agenda was released for a Council meeting on Monday afternoon which involves multiple millions in changes in expenditures from the current 2015 budget: Under Corporate Services: Early approval for […]

QUESTION: Referendum Process Costs. Who Pays

Results test 3 As I close this question, responses have been received from 31 of the 36 Candidates running for Council on November 15.  Responses have not been received from Mayor Ruttan, Councillors Brennan and Greves, and Mssrs. Czac and Thompson. ( I was unable to find an email address for Mr. Al Thompson which […]

Referendum or Alternate Approval Process for Georgia Park

Ron Bolin: Oct. 21, 2014   This question was put to Bill McKay on his facebook page on Oct. 15: ”Hi Bill: I would very much appreciate clarification concerning your position regarding a referendum on the virtually perpetual lease of downtown city park land to a commercial hotel venture. As this use demands a referendum […]

Not in Nanaimo, Mr. Edison!

Ron Bolin: Oct. 21, 2014   In another performance at Council last night, Diane Brennan railed against the temerity of a Nanaimo citizen in presenting a possible and less costly alternative to a report on the design of one of Nanaimo’s several seriously dangerous intersections. Her objection: the person presenting the alternative to Council did […]

All I want for Christmas is a laneway… and double the density… and part of Georgia Park:

Ron Bolin: Sept 5, 2014 Monday, August 4, was another exciting night at a Public Hearing as a battle over the “Hilton” hotel properties at 10 and 28 Front Street and its implications raged between those with dollars in their eyes and those determined to protect Georgia Park. In the end the zoning changes requested […]

What is Left? What is Right?

Another thoughtful post from David Brown. David Brown Sept. 2, 2014 At the municipal level who are the left-wingers and who are the right-wingers? What policies are progressive? What policies are conservative or regressive? There are Nanaimo councillors who self-identify as left-wing or progressive while there are others who might be labeled as right-wingers. Is […]

Oops!…They Did It Again

Ron Bolin: July 16, 2014   Just after coming clean about the Leadercast fiasco –and at the same meeting at which the costs of same to Nanaimo taxpayers were released- Council reverted to form on July 14, 2014. Staff put forward three recommendations for proceeding with the drama which has been generated around the Colliery […]