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Brechin Hill Open House November 3

Dan Appell, October 29, 2010 Here is a flyer produced by the Brechin Hill Community Association. This group has had a difficult time getting their message out. I thought we could help. I encourage everyone to attend the City’s Open House on November 3, 4:30pm to 8:30pm at the Ecole Océane, 1951 Estevan Rd. It’s […]

Why Plan?

Image via Wikipedia Dan Appell — October 11, 2010 One of the key components of the draft plan for the Newcastle+Brechin Hill Community is a recommendation that residential zoning be changed to accommodate a population that far exceeds all projections for growth. The zoning recommended would allow for a population of between 12,000 and 20,000 […]

“The city planning department is giving a handful of developers permission to build on the waterfront whatever they want, whenever they want.”

Dan Appell — October 4, 2010 “A base height up to 8 storeys above Stewart Avenue is specified for the Medium High Density Waterfront designation. Additional height may be supported as part of a rezoning and development approvals process where a proposed development provides additional amenities . . . “ (Draft Newcastle+Brechin Community Plan) The […]

Draft: Newcastle + Brechin Neighbourhood Plan

Dan Appell —  September 20, 2010 The Brechin Hill neighbourhood plan steering committee just gave me a copy of the draft of the “Newcastle + Brechin Neighbourhood Plan.” The steering committee has had it for about three days. I’ve had a brief look at it, and I was exposed to the raw, exhausted emotion of […]

Email to Councillor Unger

Dan Appell  —  September 4, 2010 Dear Councillor Unger, Thank-you for listening to my comments at the financial planning meeting, August 30, 2010. After the meeting you asked me for a definition of “sustainability.” This definition is culled from a variety of sources and seems to be widely used. I find it useful. Sustainability involves […]

Undeveloped hole a blight in city core

Dan Appell  —  September 1, 2010 To the Editor, Nanaimo News Bulletin Re: Seawalk condo project on hold, Aug. 28. I am troubled by the mayor’s attitude toward the Seawalk condo project. His attitude leaves us with a very big, ugly hole in a primary location for an indefinite amount of time. That hole does […]

Why We’re So Clueless About Being Green

Dan Appell  —  August 22, 2010 Newsweek published an interesting little primer on the green movement. It touches only briefly on the issues involved in changing our behaviour so that we can create sustainability, but it does touch on all the issues. Why We’re So Clueless About Being Green Home

A view of the Port Place redevelopment from the boat basin

Dan Appell — August 3, 2010 I have some concerns related to the Port Place Mall development and with broader planning issues related to ocean side development, retail development, downtown development and the planning process in general. I have a lot of concerns. Its difficult to know where to start. I decided to start at […]

City, developers looking to wreck waterfront area

Dan Appell — July 22, 2010 To the Editor, Nanaimo News Bulletin Re: Brechin residents don’t own city’s waterfront region, Letters, July 17. I must respond to John Bailey’s very insulting letter. To start, I am not a resident of Newcastle/Brechin Hill, but I have been involved in the community’s efforts to create a plan […]