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Is Everybody h AAP y???

Ron Bolin: March 25, 2018 The Province has now granted the City of Nanaimo authorization to hold an AAP process which, if successful ( i.e. does not draw more than 6842 votes) will allow the City to borrow up to $17 million dollars for up to 20 years for a new Fire Station in downtown […]

What Does DRTEP Mean to You?

Ron Bolin: March 22, 2018   If you are like me you didn’t have an inkling about DRTEP until you went to look at the agenda or video of the Finance and Audit Committee (another name for City Council) meeting of March 14 of this year or looked at the agenda for next Monday’s (March […]

Thoughts on Council’s Open meeting of March 19, 2018

Ron Bolin: March 20, 2018 Kudos to City Hall for providing an interim report and documentation of Meetings on the afternoon following the meeting. Go to “Your Government” in the City’s Front Page, then click on “All News” under “News and Events”, and finally on the “Council Meeting Summary” for the day. In […]

OIPCBC Goldner Report Refusal

Ron Bolin: March 18, 2018 On Friday last I received written notice from the OIPCBC Investigator dealing with my request for the Goldner Report.  Read it here: OIPCBC Mar 9 20180316_12550482 In short, it informs me that my request to see the Goldner Report, in either full or redacted form, has been refused and that […]

March 12 Nanaimo COW

Ron Bolin: March 13, 2018 The Motions passed at the meeting can be found at:—summary The Video of the meeting can be found at: Agenda Items can be located on the video by clicking on the item found in the index beneath the screen. The meeting opened without the Mayor’s usual harangue about […]

Notes on the Council Meeting of March 5, 2018

Ron Bolin: March 6, 2018 Prior to the adoption of the agenda, a Request was made via the addendum that Reconsideration of the Development Variance Permit Application for DVP335 – 191 King Road which was defeated at Council’s March 19 Council meeting, be given reconsideration. The request was successful and was set as agenda item […]

Notes on Feb 19, 2018 Council Meeting

The Roundup on Nanaimo City Council meeting Feb 19 Click on “The Roundup…” above… When you have read it, you only need to back up to comment…  I have used this method as it provides better readability than does placing a Word/pdf  document into WordPress..  At least to my way of thinking…  

Comments on Nanaimo City Council meeting: 2/5/2018

Ron Bolin: February 6, 2018 Following the Mayor’s reading of the seemingly increasingly lengthy harangue at the audience to maintain decorum, the meeting opened with a deafening silence concerning what the hell is happening at City Hall relative to what we read in the media; about the state of our administration; and where we are […]

More Freedom of Information re: Goldner Report

Ron Bolin: January 9, 2017 In an earlier post: “Freedom of Information????” dated October 22, 2017, I presented a history of my quest for a copy of the Goldner Report from the City of Nanaimo starting in August of that year.  Following several postponements my request was finally denied by the City.  To follow the […]

Old City Hall Annex Update

Ron Bolin:  Jan. 2, 2018 Back in February of 2017 I wrote a piece in this blog entitled: City Hall and the Management of our Public Real Estate.  Council determined in 2012 that with the construction of the New Annex across the street, that 238 Franklyn Street should be sold. In December of 2012 it […]