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Random thoughts and questions

Frank Murphy — July 14, 2010 We are still waiting for word from the Mayor’s office on the following: A tantalizing, teasing hint leaked by himself a couple of months ago regarding an imminent announcement of great importance. The Daily News reported that Councilors “in the the know” said all they could say was that […]

Is the City planning for plug-in vehicles?

email from NanaimoCityHall blog reader Gordon Scott to date Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 9:57 PM subject: accommodation for plug-in hybrids? I live in the Yellow Point area and frequently drive into the city of Nanaimo to shop and do business. I believe that in approximately 18 months we will see the roll out […]


THURSDAY JULY 8 7:00 pm A Public Hearing will be held on Thursday, 2010-JUL-08, commencing at 7:00 pm in the Shaw Auditorium, Vancouver Island Conference Centre 80 Commercial Street to consider proposed amendments to the City of Nanaimo “ZONING BYLAW 1993 NO. 4000.” This Public Hearing will include the Port Place Mall rezoning application BYLAW […]

Public Art is sprouting around downtown Nanaimo

– Frank Murphy — June 26 2010 Public Art is sprouting around downtown Nanaimo this week. It’s a joint initiative of the City and the Nanaimo Art Gallery. Here’s the City press release.These are temporary installations, to be sold at auction in the Fall. It’s unclear if the intent is to encourage the new owners to […]

Port Place Mall: council approves short term, short sighted compromises

Frank Murphy — June 24 2010 At Monday’s Council meeting the development permit for the Port Place Mall was approved unanimously. If, like me, you’re confused as to what exactly that means, know we’re not alone. Councillors also seemed very unsure of what they were voting on. Councillor Sherry indicated he was in support of […]

Three Neighbourhood Associations appear at Council to urge more community consultation

Gord Fuller —  June 24 2010 The South End Community Association is going to be posting Nob Hill Neighbours Jacquie Howardson’s & my comments about our appearing at Council this week to speak to the lack of community involvement in the Port Place Mall redevelopment plans. They’re posted here below. Also, The Nanaimo Old City […]


Here’s the tower proposed for the northeast corner of the site. Front Street across from Cameron Island. This link will take you to the detail of what will be in front of Council on Monday.

Planner Tucker offers answers, clarification re Port Place Mall redevelopment

——– Original Message ——– Subject: Re: Port Place Mall Redevelopment Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 10:29:20 -0700 From: Frank Murphy <> To: Andrew Tucker <> CC: Ted Swabey <> Thanks Andrew. These answers and clarifications are helpful. Points of disagreement of course but I do appreciate you helping us better understand the process from the […]

I’m a stuck record on the Port Place Mall redevelopment plans

Frank Murphy, June 17, 2010 I’m a stuck record on the Port Place Mall redevelopment plans but I continue to think it’s the most pressing issue getting the broadest attention in our town at the moment. First, some catch-up. On Apr 29 Planner Tucker informed me in an email — and I posted it here […]

From All About Cities blog: Stealth density vs high rise density

This is a recent post on Wendy Waters’ Vancouver blog All About Cities Living in walkable, urban neighbourhoods is becoming trendy. And communities are defined as “walkable” when virtually everything you could need from groceries to clothes to plumbing supplies can be acquired on foot. But to support those businesses, you need a dependable large […]