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Community TV: We have access; we just need to use it

email  from Paul Manly: inaugural meeting of a new community TV production society. Hello Mid Islanders You are invited to attend the inaugural meeting of a new community TV production society in the Mid Island region. The purpose of this new organization is to provide programming, which covers social justice and environmental issues, to the […]

Email to Mayor & Council & Senior Managers: Vancouver’s Oakridge Mall — Nanaimo’s Port Place Mall Redevelopments

Frank Murphy — September 14, 2010 Mayor Ruttan, Nanaimo City Councillors, Mr’s Swabey, Tucker and Kenning — I’m hoping you’ll spare a few minutes to familiarize yourselves with the approach taken by the City of Vancouver Planning Department when approached by the owners of Vancouver’s Oakridge Mall to discuss its redevelopment. _________________ Is this not […]

Signs of the Times: Management of Signage in Nanaimo

Email from blog reader Jim Galloway —– Original Message —– From: Jim Galloway To: Ron Bolin Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2010 10:57 AM Subject: Fw: Management of Signage in Nanaimo Ron, Please be good enough to arrange for this email to be posted to the Nanaimo blog. Thanks Jim —– Original Message —– From: Jim […]

Time for the traffic calming roundabout?

Jessie Kennedy, Sept 2: I’d like to know why city planners (or whoever is responsible for all of the stop lights on Bowen Rd) have round-a-bout-phobia. Why not have round-a-bouts on that road? George, Sept 2: Roundabouts are a great idea and are mainly designed to replace 4 way stops. There are many pros and […]

Revised budget priorities to be reviewed by Council Mon 30th

STAFF REPORT REPORT TO: MAYOR & COUNCIL FROM: A.C. KENNING, CITY MANAGER AND B.E. CLEMENS, DIRECTOR OF FINANCE 2011 – 2015 FINANCIAL PLAN BUDGET PRIORITIES Within a context of fiscal responsibility and sustainable property tax increases and reflecting the community’s Pride of Place, the City of Nanaimo’s budget priorities are: 1. Maintain a high standard of protective […]

How’s that Economic Development Thing Coming Along?

Frank Murphy  —  August 23, 2010 Mayor Ruttan told the Daily News on August 20 that interest in establishing a passenger ferry into Vancouver harbour had “fizzled”.  No mention of whether or not this related to the exciting news that some months ago the mayor announced he’d be revealing very soon — any day now. […]

From the Globe & Mail: Nanaimo rethinks crack kits for addicts

Frank Murphy — August 8, 2010 In case you missed it  the Globe ran this feature in its Saturday edition on the Balmoral Hotel and the harm-reduction approach in general to problems like addiction that are linked to homelessness. It includes details of a recent SFU study: “Social, health and drug use characteristics of primary crack users […]

77% of eligible voters have given us a clear message

Frank Murphy — August 02, 2010 Former City Councillor Diane Brennan contributed the following comment to the blog recently” “I always found the people who worked in the planning department were professionals whose sole interest was to serve the public interest. After six years on council and two in the gallery, still hold that view.” […]

Truly affordable housing experiment in Vancouver

Frank Murphy — July 28, 2010 Vancouver journalist Frances Bula in Monday’s Globe and Mail described an innovative new affordable housing initiative in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  It’s a project by the people behind the Woodward’s redevelopment and includes some interesting elements like no parking and owners perform some of the building maintenance themselves. They claim a couple with […]

When is a Council Meeting a Council Meeting?

Frank Murphy — July 27, 2010 Email sent to City Manager Al Kenning Wed. July 21st and response received: To: Al Kenning Subject: Council Meetings Hi Al — Not urgent, but when you have a minute or perhaps you could forward to who best could answer — I always wondered where in our municipal level […]