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By: Eric Ricker* NEWS ITEM: PROVINCE WILL SPEND $1.4 MILLION REHABILITATING MORDEN COLLIERY PROVINCIAL HISTORIC PARK undertaking, this uniquely significant heritage site will finally be rescued from oblivion, it’s time to give thanks to all those who made it possible. I’ll start at the very beginning: Without the interest and persistence of the very well-connected Vancouver businessman, […]

Email to Mayor: Who’ll Step Up, Take Responsibility?

Frank Murphy — October 12, 2010 Re:   Long road ahead to recover money From:    <> To:    <Mayor&> CC:    <> Mayor Ruttan, I was concerned about a comment attributed to you in today’s Nanaimo News Bulletin (Long road ahead to recover hotel money, Nanaimo mayor says) and before I sent my response […]

Can the Weak-Mayor*, No-Party System Control City Spending?

Frank Murphy — October 6, 2010 Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson explored some of the issues facing municipalities in Canada in his weekend column: Dear Toronto: A Warning From Your Ottawa Cousins. Most of his points are echoes of Alan Broadbent’s book Urban Nation: Why We Need to Give Power Back to the Cities to […]

Size Doesn’t Matter But Style Does

Blog reader J.Olson contributed this comment to Dan Appell’s post Draft: Newcastle + Brechin Neighbourhood Plan. Posted here for further discussion. Size doesn’t matter but style does. The comparison between the two projects as offered is irrelevant. Both projects are mall redevelopments, both are mixed use projects, both have vehicle access through the development site. […]

Tax Revolt! California’s Proposition 13

Frank Murphy — September 23, 2010 I wanted to follow up on a point Ron made in a comment on the post How Much Freight Can Average Taxpayer Pay. He issued the challenge: “Perhaps we could begin with some suggestions about specifically which budget items might be cut.” It occurred to me that the greater challenge might […]

How Much Freight Can Average Taxpayer Pay?

Jim Taylor — September 21, 2010 I posted the following on my blog today which came out of yesterdays council meeting. How Much Freight Can Average Taxpayer Pay? One of the things discussed at yesterdays city council meeting was regards the problems some municipalities are facing as a result of industry either closing or […]

eMail Exchange with Planner Tucker re: Sept 14 eMail

Frank Murphy — September 17, 2010 The first of the emails is my response to Andrew’s email. You may want to read his reply to my September 14 email first which appears second in the thread… Subject: Vancouver’s Oakridge redevelopment Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 12:39:51 -0700 From: Frank Murphy <> To: Andrew Tucker <> CC: […]

Urban Nation: Why We Need to Give Power Back to the Cities to Make Canada Strong

Frank Murphy — September 16, 2010 This excerpt from Urban Nation: Why We Need to Give Power Back to the Cities to Make Canada Strong offers some suggestions for the badly needed reform of municipal government. The author is Alan Broadbent, Chair of the Canadian Maytree Foundation, which identifies itself as “committed to reducing poverty […]

New Cruise Ship Terminal: Money up the Stack of a Pile Driver

Comment from J. Olson posted here for further comment, discussion So now the public is informed that someone is spending $22.5 million tax payer dollars on a dock because the cruise ship industry does not like the operational costs associated with tendering ports where they have to use their own crew and life boats to […]

Maffeo Sutton Park Need Food Carts

Jim Taylor —  September 16, 2010 Follows is a portion of an article I posted on my website today. I have also sent it as a letter to local press and to each member of council. I believe it offers a very positive suggestion which should result in a win win win win situation. […]