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Something Fishy This Way Comes

Gord Fuller: January 6, 2013 This one has been really nagging at me since the story came out.   First off we did not sell the property for $1.00 we are actually giving it, assessed value of $3,379,000.00, to the developer and will also pay them $39,999.00 if torn down or upgraded in two years.  With […]

Economic Development(s)

Gord Fuller: March 30, 2012 I don’t know what others think but we, the taxpayer, have shelled out more than $1.4 million for the new Economic Development Corporation and with the latest stories coming out from the D/N I am not impressed.  Ms. Cudahy is being paid quite well for the job she is supposed […]

Strategic Planning

Gord Fuller: February 3, 2012 Council has recently set up a strategic planning steering committee to look at the direction Nanaimowill be going over the next few years.  This in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce ‘Successful Cities’ initiative as well as a group ‘Vision Nanaimo’; the latter of which held a community meeting prior […]

Hotel Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw: My Take

Gord Fuller: January 28, 2012 There can be no doubt that this tax exemption bylaw only came forward as a result of our Mayor and some others strong beliefs that the only way to up usage at the convention centre would be to entice someone to build a hotel on land we would be willing […]

Nanaimo Vision

Gord Fuller: October 7, 2011 I attended the Nanaimo Community Vision Rally on the 5th and was quite impressed with the turnout, 250 plus. While primarily a business oriented group there were also representatives of a diverse number of interests as well as curious citizens. The speakers were quite good and the message that comes […]

Lobbying Council

Gord Fuller: August 20, 2011 So, many of us have always thought developers have had an upper hand when it comes to lobbying council to get their agendas met.  In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this, if the opportunity is there then use it.  The reality is Neighbourhood Groups and individual Citizens also […]

Supportive Social Housing – Bowen Rd. on Hold

Gord Fuller – June 7, 2011  Alrighty then, this is a bit on the long side but in a bid to provide some factual info what the heh. So on May 30th a motion was made by Councillor Bill Holdom to approve the rezoning of the proposed Supportive Housing location on Bowen Rd. but put […]

Conference Centre in the news

Gordon Fuller: March 11, 2011 So the NNC or VICC Vancouver Island Conference Centre makes the news again with a possible change in licensing from Food Primary to Liqour Primary. Don’t know about the readers but I find this story, Conference centre could get another helping hand, and Denise Tacon’s comments in particular to be […]

Zoning Bylaw Open Houses

Posted By: Gord Fuller As someone who lives and has lived in the South End for a number of years I have often been curious when it comes to the location of City run Public Open Houses around issues like the OCP Review, Parks Bylaw and most recently the Zoning Bylaw re-write.  I for one […]

Supportive Social Housing: Not In My Back Yard?

Gord Fuller: Nov. 11, 2010 Homelessness and Housing the Homeless has proven to be a contentious issue throughout North America. Strategies in the past have included creating shelters and housing and concentrating the facilities and other services to provide for large numbers in one location.  Just about every recent study done would say that doing […]