NANAIMO CITY HALL is an on-line “civic plaza” dedicated to a discussion of Nanaimo politics and the municipal scene.  Our local newspapers  generally do a good job of covering City Hall and offer some room for comment, but our hope is to provide a more in depth forum on the issues which are raised by the news.

Columnists will be identified with a bio and a frame of reference that helps us understand where they’re coming from. Comments are welcome, may be anonymous, though we lament the fact that so many feel the need to hide behind pseudonyms,  and may be moderated for civility and relevance.

Here’s how you can participate.

Read it: Check in, read the posts and comments and add your two bits worth. There will be lots of opinion certainly but there will also be an emphasis on fact based research. Personal attacks are to be avoided. If they slip through, they’ll be removed.  If you see text that appears in red or blue, it indicates that the text is “hot” and will lead you to a related document.

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Comment:  Contribute to the conversation. Agree, disagree, commend, correct, fill in detail. In Nanaimo’s highly partisan and polarized civic environment let’s elevate the level of the discussion and the debate. Blogs require your email so they can avoid spam attacks, but your email is not retained by the website.

Write:  Become a contributor. Submit a bio and some background that lets the reader know where you’re coming from. This is an exercise in citizen journalism. Commitments to cover and report on city council, committee, and commission meetings would be welcome. Public hearings and development proposals are other areas that could be covered here.

Those who would like to contribute a post but do not wish to become regular posters can send their material to the email shown below and it will be considered for posting.

Contact us: email –   nanaimocityhall2@gmail.com