A TRAVESTY IN THE MAKING: Nanaimo’s proposed Procedure Bylaw 7272

Ron Bolin: Oct. 15, 2018

A few minutes ago I sent the following email to the Mayor and Council; CAO Rudolph; Sheila Gurrie, City Clerk and Corporate Officer and Nicola Marotz, Executive Director, Governance and Structure Branch, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Mayor McKay and Council:

While I continue to object to the passage on Oct. 1 of the 1st, 2nd and third readings of the Procedure Bylaw on the grounds of the spirit of the law rather than the lengths to which it may technically be stretched, I must even more strenuously object to the adoption of that bylaw this evening on the ground that the copy of the bylaw which is proposed for tonight is not the same as that which was passed on the 1st.

I attach for your attention a document which follows the process used in getting from August 21 to the present with many of the bumps along the road, but not all.

I cannot understand your pressure to pass this very important bylaw on the final two meetings of your tenure as a Council. The issue did not come to the fore during your term, nor did I hear any strenuous defense of it on Oct. 1.

Please do the right thing and let the new Council determine, with Staff, its own procedural process.


Ron Bolin

Attached to that email was the following document detailing both the circumstances and my reasons for concern on behalf of Nanaimo’s citizens.  Click on the line below…

A travesty in the making