More Freedom of Information re: Goldner Report

Ron Bolin: January 9, 2017

In an earlier post: “Freedom of Information????” dated October 22, 2017, I presented a history of my quest for a copy of the Goldner Report from the City of Nanaimo starting in August of that year.  Following several postponements my request was finally denied by the City.  To follow the trail read that post on this blog.

Following the denial of access from the City, I prepared and submitted by email a request for the Goldner document from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commission of British Columbia (OIPCBC) on October 25, 2017. I received a response by email indicating that it had been received, but nothing further until I requested the status of the request last week.  Yesterday if received the following letter by mail from the OIPCBC indicating that it will take time to find the resources to take action on the file.

The letter from the OIPCBC received yesterday is here:  


To get to this point has taken nearly six months.  How many more may be required is uncertain.  What is certain is that the function represented by the office, i.e. obtaining information from BC’s government agencies, is moribund, whether by insufficient staffing,  growing requests for information, or is a symptom of the information problems found in our municipalities is unknown.

For me, I cannot understand the resistance of the City to release this document which was requested by the City and paid for by City taxpayers, but it does not smell good.  Will this weeks several secret in-camera meetings bring an end to this mystery and all the innuendoes related in ignorance about this report…