Ron Bolin: Oct.15, 2015

Let me start by saying that over the years I have been a member of the Conservative, the Liberal and the New Democratic parties at various times for reasons relating to the issues of the times and/or the candidates who were running. I have given up on parties, but am sticking to the issues and the candidates.

On Monday, Oct. 19, we will have a National election. National, that is, because it will take place all across Canada… Neither you nor I will be voting for a National leader. We don’t get that opportunity. That decision is made by the Parties to which our local candidates have pledged allegiance. What we do get is the opportunity to vote for a local candidate of our choice, who incidentally, if aligned with enough others across the country who have pledged allegiance to the same party to which our local candidate belongs -and if he or she wins in our local riding- will get to either form a government (if they hold enough seats in the House), or try to ally with another party to form a coalition government. In short, we in Nanaimo-Ladysmith will have the opportunity to elect our local representative. It is sheer bluster to believe that we will be electing a Prime Minister or a government and to do so trades your integrity for its lack in others.

Nanaimo has five local candidates on the ballot, each of which represents one of the following political parties: Marxist-Leninist; Green; NDP; Liberal; Conservative, representing political views that range roughly in that order from the left to the right of the political spectrum, though they are not equally spaced along it. For me the full political spectrum runs roughly from the sharing commune on the left to the heroic capitalist bankers on the right. My political tendency is leaning toward the left on the theory that, like the parts of our body, all have to work together to keep us alive even though our various organs have leading roles to play in varying situations. (See the story of the Battle of the Body Parts at the end of this post.) Of our local candidates I have known two for some time, I signed the nomination papers for one and have seen two in ads and at All-Candidates meetings. Of one I know nothing at all.

Of those candidates that I know or know something of, I have no personal qualms, but when I examine the platforms of the Parties which they represent, I lose one to a party which seems to me to be mired in 19th century heroic banker capitalism while the 21st century with its greatly changed population, environmental, finance, debt and resource problems demands changing strategies for the future. Of the others, I find the Liberals a little too centrist in more ways than one, the NDP a problem in local control and representation; and the Greens in my comfort zone. To be honest, I have already voted and voted for Paul Manly of the Green Party, not only due to their platform, but due to the interference of the NDP Headquarters in the selection of the NDP candidate. [I do not wish to cast any aspersions on the current N-L NDP candidate, as I know nothing concerning any actions relating to her involvement in the NDP HQ fiat declaration of ineligibility Of Paul Manly to run for the NDP.]

I do know that the move by NDP Headquarters to take Mr. Manly out of the running for Nanaimo-Ladysmith NDP candidacy stole the right of this, my constituency, to choose our local candidate and to do so on grounds that in my opinion were highly questionable and not appropriate for a Party which was built on principles of fairness and equity and was so well represented by Tommy Douglas who once walked the streets of Nanaimo. It has given rise to a problem which could darken the hopes of many on Oct. 20, if we awaken to the election of someone who neither the centre nor the left want to see because the parts of the body politic could not get along.

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The Battle of the Body Parts

One day in boredom, the brain began to ponder its superiority to all the other body parts, arguing that it provided the intelligence and guidance needed so survive. The eyes quickly argued back that they were the most important as the brain could not see the earth without them. The legs responded that they were indeed the real heroes as neither the brain nor the eyes could get to the things in the environment that were either needed or had to be avoided. The hands raised their voice to proclaim that they were the most important as they were the ones that shaped the tools and picked the food needed for survival. At this, the stomach bristled, pointing out that without it, the food needed for survival could not digested and distributed to the other body parts. The heart chimed in to note that without it, that nutrition could not be distributed to all the other body parts and therefore that is was the most important…

Then, in a thunderous burst of flatulence, the anal sphincter proclaimed: If you don’t all shut up and get along, I will close myself up tight and let you all drown in your own sh-t…

Arguing about who is the most important in a society is a lot like that.

Whatever you think about this election, or whatever Candidate you may choose to represent your views, do get out and vote on Monday. Your vote will represent or haunt you for the next four years (or possibly less), regardless of who wins the riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith…. But you know who I suggest… ;-)