To Mayor and Council re: Colliery Dams Decision

Mayor McKay and Councillors:

As you are very well aware, the situation in which we find ourselves with the Comptroller of Water is both vexing and perplexing. Nanaimo has been ordered to make a choice between two options in a situation where the majority of Council are unable to reach a clear decision on behalf of our community due to insufficient information.

Accordingly it is suggested that, in the name of the community of Nanaimo, the Comptroller be recognized by Nanaimo City Council as having the authority to choose one of the two options offered to the City, be authorized to implement that decision and to send the bill for its implementation to the City for payment. This opportunity is clearly open to the Comptroller and its rejection would cast doubt on why it was not accepted.

Such a response acknowledges the authority of the Comptroller; permits the Comptroller to make the limited choice which they gave to us; transfers responsibility for the project to its rightful source, and preserves the dignity of Nanaimo in the face of an order which, as it stands, is seen to be unjust.

It should be difficult for the Comptroller to reject this offer which clearly accomplishes the end demanded. It might also lead to some further political examination of the situation at the provincial level.

Should the resulting implementation result in excessive costs or park mutilation, it would call out for extensive explanation to the public, not only of Nanaimo, but all BC Municipalities.  I ask that you carefully consider this possibility for response before either capitulation or defiance.

Ron Bolin