Both Legs still Intact

At Council list night the obedient four were bested by the feisty five and the Colliery Dams leg was not removed…. But we did not get out of the emergency room.  After the defeat of a motion to choose which leg we would remove, a motion was made and passed which essentially played for more time and left the ball in the Comptroller of Water’s court.  While this improves on self mutilation, it leaves several paths open by which the provincial minions can display their wrath.

I hold that, unless there are some things about this matter which I do not understand -a not unlikely possibility- that we would have been better off being direct and replying that we cannot make a decision which is best for our community as the information needed to do so is, in our best opinion, insufficient in ways which we have clearly identified.  Accordingly, if the Controller of Water feels that his office has sufficiently defined the matter, then that Officer should decide what is best for Nanaimo, build to that need and send us the bill.

Would any provincial agency under such circumstances wish to inflate the project, destroy more environment than is absolutely required and spend more money than is absolutely necessary all while accepting full project responsibility for it and taking the chance of making a display of their ineptness and/or arrogance to a province wide public.

I don’t think so.  Sometimes directness beats deviance. I believe that this is one of those times…..

Ron Bolin