OIPCBC UPDATE – We’re Doing it Again?

A call earlier today from Jim Taylor inquired whether I had heard back from the OIPCBC regarding my complaint about the City redacting Public Records.  I called their office in Victoria which led to a response from that body that the best off the top of the head estimate, given my place in the que, is October.

Shortly thereafter on facebook I saw an entry which read:

“Got a call back from Ted Swabey stating that a portion of the video is being removed and then it will be put back up shortly. Reason: the usual Community Charter 90 (1)… I then said “so another Leadercast” He said “yes”…”

I will try to get written confirmation of this information from the City.  I will be contacting the OIPCBC concerning the matter since it is the same issue which already is before them.