Wednesday’s Non-Council Meeting: How Much did it Cost?

Mayor McKay and Councillors:

I looked at the City’s web site after 5pm today and saw no notice of cancellation. Accordingly I left home at 6:30 to catch the meeting. I got there to find no meeting.  This should not happen.

How much did today’s (Wed. June 24) non-Council meeting cost the taxpayers of Nanaimo given the rental of the “Council Chamber”, the crew from Shaw Cable to video the event, directly related City Staff time, plus any related VICC security costs, not to mention the costs to citizens who may have attempted to attend.

What is the lead time notice which must be given by the City to these bodies in order to eliminate or reduce these charges?

Is there no policy on notice to be given by a Councillor who is unable to attend so that it will be known whether a quorum will exist? (I note that apparently four Councillors did give such notice.) And must that notice (barring the unforeseeable) be sufficient to eliminate non-meetings such as tonight’s and the costs which they entail? Should a meeting be cancellable by the Mayor or by Staff where the question of a quorum is unclear? Council meetings should not be surprises. And shouldn’t that notice be done in a manner which reduces or eliminates the costs to taxpayers.

Again we find ourselves in a ridiculous position which could have been avoided…. and there is no body which I would find entirely without blame in the matter.

May it, like the matter of signs in the “Council Chamber”, be quickly put behind us with more than just a call for decorum or respect. Where trust is lacking, decorum and respect fly out the window.

I look forward to your comments on these matters.

Ron Bolin