OIPCBC Process is Scheduled

Ron Bolin:  March 5, 2015

In keeping with my commitment to keep my ongoing  OIPCBC inquiry and request to the City available for public perusal so that others may understand the process better, I provide the following documents received earlier this week from the Office of the Privacy Commission.  The schedule for the process is now explicit, though it will be noted that the schedule initially stated has been modified at the request of the Counsel for the City.  Taxpayers will be on the hook for all the salary and expenses run up by the Counsel until this exercise is over.  I am flabbergasted that the City should undertake such effort and expense in so small a cause, but perhaps there is more than meets the eye.  I will get to see, I guess, when I receive their submission.

In the meantime if you wish to continue to follow the path of great resistance, but shared experience, read the documents received from the OIPCBC this week here:

OIPCBC Inquiry Notice Feb 27 2015001

I will be interested in your comments.

Ron Bolin