Mayor McKay and Councillors, Mr. Swabey:

At yesterday’s Council Meeting questions regarding the timing and conditions surrounding Council agendas and minutes were raised. I wish to call to your attention the following responses to a question regarding the time between the release of of a Council agenda and its corresponding meeting which were given by successful candidates during the recent election campaign. I ask that you bear these responses in mind during deliberations by both Council and Staff on these matters,.

This and related reports can be found at: in the post entitled Agenda Timing.

The question posed to all candidates was:

Question for All Candidates for Nanaimo City Council:

Council agendas are produced by Staff and are distributed to Council and to the public two business days ahead of the respective Council meeting which they define. Does this schedule give sufficient time for Council and the public to read, comprehend, research and discuss with each other, with authorities and with the public, the issues represented in what may be a 300+ page document?
Please respond with either YES or NO and, if NO, please give the number of working days – do not include weekends and holidays- which you feel should be available to Council and the Public to consider the issues in an agenda prior to a Council meeting. (Please give your estimate as a number). Include your reason(s) if you feel so inclined.)

This question will be open to all candidates until Friday, Oct. 31, at 4:30 pm. All responses will be recorded and posted on


Bill Bestwick
1. Continue to provide agendas Thursday for meeting 10 days from issue date and all
late items close the following Thursday.
Agendas are typically made available Thursday for the following Monday COW or
Regular meeting of Council, plus the In Camera Agenda. And, every second Tuesday
2. Change Council meetings from Monday to Wednesday or Thursday agendas still
issued Thursday. All late items Monday end of work day.

Gordon Fuller
NO; the schedule does not give enough time.
I would like to see the Agenda and Reports for a specific Monday Council or
Committee of the Whole Meeting issued the Monday prior to the Meeting giving one
week for digestion. My rationale for this is so that Council are only dealing with one
Agenda at a time. Any late items added to the Agenda should be posted the Thursday
Prior giving two business days for Council to pose questions they may have to staff.
This would also allow Citizens to meet the criteria of COUNCIL PROCEDURE BYLAW
2007 NO. 7060 when wanting to appear as a delegation for both regular and late

Click to access B7060cons.pdf

Wendy Pratt
I would think a minimum of 5 working days prior to any meeting would be
sufficient time to review all agenda items. Late items no later than end of
Thurs prior to meetings on a Monday – that gives 2 working days if any
enquiring need to be made to staff.

Bill Yoachim
One calendar week at a minimum

Jerry Hong
2 (?)
It’s not enough time. I agree with bill that the council dates should be moved to
Wednesdays or Thursdays. Have you ever tried to call officials on a Friday? Most are
usually gone by noon and it’s impossible to get an answer on a Monday cause they
are too busy trying to get caught up cause they left early on the Friday!

Jim Kipp
5 wrk day minimum.
Council meet on on Thursdays 7 days after agenda posted. Delegation list and late
items received by Monday distributed Tuesday, always room for critical last minute
time sensitive material.

Ian Thorpe
I feel that two days does not provide sufficient time for proper review by
councillors. A minimum of five days should be allowed for regular agenda
items, with perhaps two days’ time for late items.

No response was received from either Bill McKay or Diane Brennan.

Please bear these comments in mind while considering the timing of Council agendas.

Ron Bolin