Ron Bolin: Dec. 16, 2014

For another excellent presentation from the Mid Island News, see;

I only wish to add to the discussion the point that what happened last night re downtown parking in Nanaimo is, in effect, yet another grant to the DNBIA.  The DNBIA receives from the City/taxpayers of Nanaimo an annual grant of approximately $220,000 to match the funds raised by DNBIA members for their own purposes which can generally be described as advancing the interests of downtown businesses.  In this case, by acting on the interests expressed by the DNBIA, Council effectively increased that grant as the funds lost by providing free downtown parking on Saturdays is money which must be made up by the rest of us as this move does nothing to decrease parking costs.

For a good overview of the overall situation with gifts, grants and tax exemptions in Nanaimo, see:

Click to access SOCOW140305PGrants_and_Exemptions_Presentation.pdf

Are we taking in taxes from the poor to provide funding and services to the well-to-do?  I have my opinion:  What’s yours?