Poor Return on Governance in Nanaimo

Ron Bolin: Nov. 5, 2014

Responses to the question posed on Governance are now in and they are few.  I recognized from the outset that, as posed, the question would be difficult for newcomer candidates to comprehend and discuss as it has been difficult for current Councillors to come to grips with and has been largely left for a new Council.  It was for this reason that I hoped that our new wannabe Councillors would find the time to look through the materials referenced on the subject as it is central to any discussion of the relations between Council, Staff and the Public, a matter which has been of great concern in the current Council session.  It will be even more important as the faith in good governance which will now be required must extend to four years rather than three.  Imagine if we were currently in a situation where we would have to wait yet another year to hold a Municipal Election!  The void between the government and the governed has become stretched still further and only an agreed method of communication can bear the weight of the consequences.

There have been some interesting ideas floated, both here and elsewhere, for healing the breach and hopefully returning us to a single community rather than a battlefield between the left and the right.  For those who know the story, remember the Battle of the Body Parts and its lesson for all of us.  Only if we all work together will we have a healthy body politic.  This matter will be central to any new Council.

In the meantime, the results of this attempt can be found here:  Q3 Responces re Governance

Particular thanks to All who did respond and good luck in your adventure into the political unknown.


The following are just for the general public as all candidates have previously received them for their viewing pleasure and political recognition.