Which Candidates have Multiple Municipal Votes

A recent quick question was sent to all Muncipal candidates asking where they would be able to vote in the 2014 election, recognizing that ownership of property in a municipality entitles the owner(s) to a single vote; i.e. one can vote where one resides (even as a renter) and where one owns property.

I thought that the question was simple and straightforward.  I leave it to you to decipher the 24 responses which were received, knowing that some responses, while not untruthful, do skirt it.

I also learned something in this exercise:  Anyone can run for office in any municipality in BC where on can gain the requisite number of local citizens to sign their candidacy papers (usually only two!), though they can only vote in those where they own property, i.e. pay property taxes.

As an aside,  I discovered that “Changes the Clown” is an official candidate in Victoria, though I was told when relating this that they thought that a previous Victoria candidate, “Mr. Floaty”, had “Changes”  beat.  Where is Nanaimo’s “Changes”?

Here are the results of the responses received regarding where candidates had the right to vote.


Quick Question Responses  (Click to see Responses)