Responses to the question regarding the time which should elapse between a Council Agenda and a Council Meeting are in and the matter is closed (Stragglers could post comments on this issue).

Five of the ten Mayoral candidates, five, i.e.  Ruttan, Csak, McKay, McKinnon, Brunie, and Thompson did NOT reply.

Of the 26 Candidates for Councillor, only three, i.e. Brennan, Greves, and Campbell neglected to reply.

None of the respondents thought that the current timing between the release of a Council Agenda and a Council meeting were adequate for either Council or the public with many suggesting release at least a week in advance.  Due to various interpretations of time, please read the comments given by the candidates as I may not have adequately defined their suggested time frames.

I found that the use of “reply all” by candidates gave them some ability to discuss the matter among themselves, a factor which I had overlooked, but overall feel that this is a good thing and something that needs to be encouraged in the light of electronic communication and the strictures put upon them by the Community Charter, about which I will write more soon.

In the meantime, read the responses and see how you feel about the manner and timing with which issues which face us as a municipality are currently being held -and what a new Council could do to help in this regard.

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