Question: Time from Agenda to Council Meeting

Question for All Candidates for Nanaimo City Council:


Council agendas are produced by Staff and are distributed to Council and to the public two business days ahead of the respective Council meeting which they define. Does this schedule give sufficient time for Council and the public to read, comprehend, research and discuss with each other, with authorities and with the public, the issues represented in what may be a 300+ page document?


Please respond with either YES or NO and, if NO, please give the number of working days – do not include weekends and holidays- which you feel should be available to Council and the Public to consider the issues in an agenda prior to a Council meeting.  (Please give your estimate as a number). Include reason(s) if you feel so inclined.)


This question will be open to all candidates until Friday, Oct. 31, at 4:30 pm.  All responses will be recorded and posted on