QUESTION: Referendum Process Costs. Who Pays

Results test 3

As I close this question, responses have been received from 31 of the 36 Candidates running for Council on November 15.  Responses have not been received from Mayor Ruttan, Councillors Brennan and Greves, and Mssrs. Czac and Thompson. ( I was unable to find an email address for Mr. Al Thompson which could explain his absence.)


The results were as follows:


     For option 1 (City Pays) ……………………. 0

     For option 2 (Proponent Pays ……………27

     For option 3 (AAP) ……………………………0

     No numeric choice ……………………………4


I made no attempt to interpret the meaning of the reasons for not giving a clear answer, but if you read these 4 responses you may be able to discern where the respondents stand on the issue. Those who did not provide a numeric response were: Routledge, Henderson, McKay and Korpan.


The table above shows the results of the responses to the above question which have been received as of 8 pm,Oct. 28, 2014.  Any straggling responses will be posted as they arrive.


I wish to especially thank Bill McKay and Brian Anderson for their understanding as they were at the cutting edge of convincing me that it would be better to ask a uniform question to all candidates than to debate with individuals.  It was my fault and not theirs.

I also note that many respondents pushed the “Reply to All”  button when sending their reply to me, thus sending it to all their competitors.  Although I believe this to be a good outcome, it was unexpected.  I hope it did not contribute to the uniformity of responses.

Some followup comments have come in from some Candidates even before the publication of this record.  I suggest that they add these comments to this post themselves to clarify their position.

I hope that this format can work to provide a common means of understanding where candidates stand on issues.  It will stand as a record even after the election.

Thanks to all the candidates for their efforts and particular thanks to those who have thus far participated on this blog.