Save Linley Valley West will host first public forum

Edna Chadwick: March 29, 2010

Save Linley Valley West, a group of Nanaimo residents concerned about the potential destruction of a unique environment and habitat in the west side of Linley Valley, is hosting its first-ever public forum on Wed. April 4 at the Kin Hut, 2730 Departure bay Rd., starting at 7 p.m.

So far, many followers of this initiative have met informally on Facebook, and have shared ideas, photographs and their own enthusiasm for the cliffs, woodlands and wetlands and the wildlife that lives there. People of all ages walk through the area on a daily basis and many have photographed Linley West in every season.  Over 2400 have signed petitions in support of this campaign.

The core group of organizers has met with Nanaimo City Council on several occasions. Despite initial concern about the potential damage from development and then passing, almost unanimously, a motion on Feb. 27, 2012, to learn more about how to protect Linley Valley, Council then reversed this motion just two weeks later.

Organizers are developing a plan of action to fundraise and build more community support for protecting this fragile environment. The April 4 meeting is an opportunity for those interested in Linley West’s future to share ideas and contribute to this plan.

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