Training a Communication Manager

Ron Bolin: March 24, 2012

First let me apologize for letting things go for a couple of weeks.  We all have a funk now and again, and I had mine.  I trust it may not come again til the weather turns crappy again.

While trying to find out about the training required to be a Communications Manager, I ran across the following program from the Centre for Strategy and Communication in London.  Take a look at the curriculum and see if this is what we want to pay $140,000+/year in perpetuity:

Training for a Communications Manager

© 2012 The Centre for Strategy and Communication, 140 Old Street, London EC1V 9BJ

Most popular Communication courses

I also found a program at Royal Roads in Victoria, but I couldn’t get a grip on what they were trying to communicate.

Give it some thought.  There is still time to ask Council to communicate with us directly rather than through a mouthpiece.