Feb. 27 Council Meeting

By Ron Bolin:  Feb 24, 2012

The following items of general interest are on Monday’s Agenda:

  • A presentation on the Bowen Road/ Quarterway Bridge Improvement project;
  • A delegation on the newly minted Communication Officer position;
  • Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability’s 2012 Work Plan;
  • Grant’s Advisory Committees recommendation to provide $1,397.42 for an annual volunteer luncheon (I would not include this, but I wonder how many other volunteer luncheons might be forthcoming);
  • 2012-2016 Financial Plan Bylaw Amendment;
  • A report on the cost of acquiring the West Linley Valley land for a park;
  • Staff’s recommendation that, for accessibility reasons, all FPCOW meetings be moved to the Shaw Auditorium until the new Annex Building is completed;
  • Staff’s recommendation that, for reasons of accessibility, all Advisory Committees, etc. currently meeting in the City Hall Board Room be moved to new and accessible locations;
  • That Zoning Bylaw 2011 No. 4500.004 to amend the height restrictions within the Single Dwelling Residential (R1/R1a) zones be abandoned;
  • That Council rescind third reading of Financial Plan Bylaw 20112 No. 7144;
  • That Council pass third reading of the Financial Plan Bylaw as amended.

The meetin will be held in the Shww Auditorium at the Conference Centre at 7pm.

The full agenda can be found at:



As an aside, I note that as of this evening  (Feb. 24, 2012), Campaign Finance Documents from Mayor Ruttan and Councillors Brennan, Kipp and McKay have not appeared on the City web site.  See:


Legislation gives them until March 19 to report, but as they are currently voting on budgets, contracts, rezonings and developments, this information should be available now.  It is hard to understand how the banks with all their complicated transactions, can provide tax information within 60 days while it appears difficult for our elected officials to produce theirs in the 90+ days since the election.  It likewise remains to be seen whether other Campaign Organizers will submit documents.