Thousands of Nanaimoites Vanish!

Ron Bolin: Feb. 9, 2012

Statistics Canada began the public release of 2011 population data yesterday (Wed. ,Feb. 9, 2012).  The data for Nanaimo showed a population for the city of 83,810, up from 78,692 in 2006, giving a growth rate of 6.5% over the five year inter-census period or about 1.26% per year.  This contrasts with the growth rate of 11.1% for the five years which is shown in the City’s Community Profile-2010 document which projected our 2011 population to be 87,464.  See:

This gives us a few extra years to clear up the apparent confusion regarding Nanaimo’s water needs and the means available to meet them.  See Nanaimo’s Water Supply Strategic Plan:

This document likewise uses projections which seriously exaggerate our need to spend millions of dollars quickly to serve our (not so) burgeoning population growth and calls into question the need for an increase in water rates of 5% every year.  It reports that the city has enough water to handle residential development until the year 2071, assuming a growth rate of 1.3%.  In point of fact the growth rate has been less than this at about 1.26%.  And at the same time a number of water saving efficiencies have been introduced.

Why are citizens being given the hustle by our Staff and Council in their continuous battle to gain ever more control over our pocketbooks through taxation?