A surfeit of Vision

Ron Bolin: Oct. 4, 2011

On October 5, Nanaimo finds itself caught in the battle of the Visions (or hopefully it will be the confluence of Visions) as the Community Vision Rally competes for our time with the Vision for Regional Growth presented by the Nanaimo Regional District.  It is greatly to be hoped that participants in both events will share the Visions which come out of these meetings.

On a personal note, I find it hopeful for our future that an independent group of local business and professional organizations is sponsoring one of these events. Those who remember the Vision of the Conference Centre and its role in community development may remember several well-known speakers on the topic which were sponsored by another independent group of citizens, FPN, the Friends of Plan Nanimo. For a city to have Vision, its citizens must have Vision. Vision is too important to leave to a Council and some civil servants.  Please plan on attending one of these events and then keeping track of them both.  To accomplish our goals we will need a shared Vision, something all too often missing in Nanaimo.

This blog will look forward to comments on these events from those who have taken part in them.


Vision Rally

Vancouver Island Conference Centre: Wednesday, October 5th   6:00 pm

Do you have a ‘vision’ of what you want Nanaimo to become in the future?

Nanaimo’s Community Vision Rally on Wed. October 5th at the VICC asks you to put your imagination to work. Attend and learn how the entire community can bring imagination, vision and hard work together to create reality from dreams. 

Find out how Whistler, BC took a hard look at their post-Olympics future and decided – between businesses, city hall and the community at large – what Whistler would become ‘after’ achieving status as one of the top luxury ski resorts in North America. Mayor Ken Melamed discusses how they focused on growth and sustainability and developed their “2020 Plan”.

Then, hear one of the world’s foremost experts speak on the success and sustainability of cities today and how many are grappling with their future plans. Learn how community service, leadership and vision come together to build the communities of tomorrow from our keynote speaker for the evening: MIKE HARCOURT. Former Premier of BC from 1991-96, twice Mayor of Vancouver, and multi-term City Councillor, Mr. Harcourt is an icon of community service and leadership.

The Community Vision Rally is sponsored by a non-partisan group of local business and professional associations. There is no coincidence that it takes place a month before civic elections although no candidates are being promoted or given a forum. By emphasizing that ‘vision’ in leadership is an important key to the future you want for Nanaimo, we hope the choice of candidates will be clearer during the coming campaign and turnout at the polls stronger than ever. Remind those that want to lead us how important vision is and help them make Nanaimo a place where the world wants to be.

The rally will take place at The Vancouver Island Conference Centre from 6:00pm to approx. 9:30pm

Tickets: $12.50 (plus $1 order fee)

Available through the Port Theatre Ticket Centre


And also on that date:

Regional District of Nanaimo Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1615, 2011

Beban Park Lounge, 2300 Bowen Road

Wednesday, October 5, at 7pm

The proposed Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1615 will establish a regional vision for sustainable growth and represent a commitment made by the RDN and the affected municipalities of the City of Nanaimo, City of Parksville, Town of Qualicum Beach and the District of Lantzville to a course of action involving shared social, economic and environmental goals.

The RGS aims to establish a more sustainable pattern of development in the region over a twenty-five year period by encouraging and directing most new development in the region within designated Growth Containment Boundaries, thereby keeping urban settlement compact, protecting the integrity of rural and resource areas, protecting the environment, increasing servicing efficiency and retaining mobility within the region. Bylaw No. 1615 builds upon the current RGS emphasis on growth management to include a broader range of sustainability goals that address climate change, economic development, food security, and affordable housing.