Dissertation on Conference Centre Process

Lisa Sailor / Ron Bolin: Sept. 29, 2011

Members of Nanimo’s business community who actively promoted the development of our Conference Centre and those who remember the Friends of Plan Nanaimo’s (FPN’s) opposition concerning it may recall the visits of Lisa Sailor to our City a few years ago to study the community processes involved in that struggle will be interested to know that her work is now available.  Lisa did some extensive work on the background to the issue which led to a close, but successful, referendum on the matter and interviewed a number of people on both sides of argument.   While a cursory overview of the document has indicated some holes, it remains an interesting piece of history from which we may all hopefully learn.

The document is available on this blog in pdf format here.

We look forward to a lively discussion of her take on this significant project in Nanaimo’s development and the extent to which the posturings of either the boosters or the nay-sayers have come to pass.