Fred Taylor: Calling City Hall

Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 13:28:07 -0700
To: mayor&
From: Fred Taylor <>
Subject: city hall

the long weekend just past gave everyone extra rest

the graffiti artists extra time to play

in my rest, I dreamed they ‘painted’ City Hall

my God !!    they did, you should see the parking lot !!

their expertise gained 1 (remember just 1) more parking spot and to top that off a one way circle, yes your right, in the parking lot
there used to be 12 spaces on the south side of the parking lot,
now only 9 and for only City Hall, permit holder spaces only
gee! just think there are 9 city council positions (their reserved parking?)

there used to be 5 spaces on the east side and 6 on the north side (curb side against city hall)

now the front roadway is one way with curb parking; just imagine the sliding of vehicles downhill into fellow citizen vehicles in the winter, not very wise or safe design

does anyone deserve to be re elected with this expenditure waste ??

the new parking spaces and circle surely will see damage to vehicles