It’s 3pm –Do you know where your Council is?

Ron Bolin: August 26, 2011

It’s 3pm on Monday, August 29, 2011.  Do you know where your Council is?  Actually, they will be in the same small City Hall board room in which they met last Monday at 4:30pm sitting as a “Special” Council meeting.  This time they meet at 3pm sitting as the Finance and Policy Committee of the whole.  Like the special Council meeting this one is, by legislation, open to the public –if only they could attend an afternoon meeting, if they could fit a reasonable number in the room, if enough people were aware of the meeting, and frankly, if enough  people cared.

The primarly topic on the agenda will be “Permissive Tax Exemptions”, introduced by a presentation from Mr. Brian Clemens, Director, Finance, who will provide a PowerPoint presentation regarding Council’s Permissive Tax Exemption policy.  This will be followed by consideration of recommendations from the Grants Advisory Committee relating to Permissive Tax Exemptions and Cash in lieu of Permissive Tax Exemptions. (A Permissive Tax Exemption is one which is granted to an organization which owns property but is relieved of the duty to pay tax on it given the City’s Permissive tax policy.)  Of course if the tax on these properties is not paid by them, then they must be paid by others as the budget is not correspondingly reduced.  While the intention of this policy is admirable and the bang for the buck may be justified, there are only so many dollars to go around to so many worthy causes.  The total amount taken from taxpayers to be doled out by Council is not insignificant.  It behooves citizens to be aware of their own largesse.

Also on the agenda is the award of an “Other” grant and A few housekeeping items which will be followed by the inevitable “In Camera” meeting.