The Rubber hit the Road

Daniel Appell: April 6, 2011

Council’s decision Monday night returned us to the same point we were at two years ago. It reduces the planning exercise for the Newcastle and Brechin Hill neighbourhoods to an unnecessary detour on the long road towards completing a transition on those waterfront properties.
It was (I believe this sincerely) the finest moment for this council. Afterwards, I was talking to some of the stakeholders, including property owners in the neighbourhoods, and I was very encouraged by the responses of both competing groups. I am hopeful, more hopeful then I have ever been, that competition can now change into cooperation, and the long journey towards a rebirth of that waterfront can begin in ernest. I applaud the decision of council, my pride in this city and its resilient people has being renewed and I felt honoured to have been able to witness something that will profoundly and positively shape the future of this city.

As for the planning department . . . something still has to be done that would allow this group to make a more relevant and positive contribution to the development of this city.