Conference Centre in the news

Gordon Fuller: March 11, 2011

So the NNC or VICC Vancouver Island Conference Centre makes the news again with a possible change in licensing from Food Primary to Liqour Primary.

Don’t know about the readers but I find this story, Conference centre could get another helping hand, and Denise Tacon’s comments in particular to be quite offensive.  To blame those speaking out about the drain this facility is taking on taxpayers dollars is simply ludicrous and then to try and snow people about delegate days really does not say much for what she thinks of as our intelligence. 


Incessant criticism, however, will only hurt the facility and is ultimately a self-fulling prophecy, should more people subscribe to such a way of thinking, according to VICC manager Denise Tacon.

“We have a much stronger momentum coming out of this recession and this community needs to embrace where we’re going,” she said. “Negativity breeds negativity and we will be deciding our own future, if that’s the approach we take.”


Does this person not realize that it is her responsibility and not that of the taxpayer, to ensure the facility is running well?  To blame her failure on the public is shameful and in my opinion cause for dismissal.

Most people would think 16,000 delegate days in 2011 a good thing but were they to realize that this were in fact only 2.5% of capacity it would definitely give pause to think again.

Delegate seats (and future bookings) at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, 2008-2013

2008 (sixth months): 9,800

2009: 15,900 = 2.5%

2010: 12,400 = 2.0%

2011: 16,000 = 2.5%

2012: 28,000 = 4.5%

2013: 24,000 = 3.8%


Percentages based on a maximum capacity of 1720 persons, excluding the 400 from the Newcastle Lobby and 143 from Museum Level, per day utilizing available conference rooms. Total yearly 627,800 in rooms, 146,000 Newcastle Lobby, 52,195 in museum meeting space.

Will a change from a food primary to liquor primary license help?  It should, as I understand it, allow for a far greater variety of events at the conference centre and that would be a good thing booking and delegate day wise.  If, however, in the end it takes away from other existing venues in the city then ultimately not so good.