Newcastle+Brechin Draft Plan at Council March 14

Daniel Appell: March 7, 2011

The Newcastle + Brechin Neighbourhood draft plan is going to council March 14. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you are probably aware of my views regarding this plan. To briefly recap, this is not a real neighbourhood plan. This is a destructive farce of a plan designed for the benefit of a few would be developers while harming the community as a whole.

We need put a stop this so-called plan. And we need to put an end to fake, useless and destructive planning altogether.
The Brechin Hill Community Association is asking that you show up to the council meeting. These people are carrying a huge burden for the entire city, and they could use your support. If you want to speak, that would be fine, but if you just show up; numbers speak volumes to politicians.
I believe this is a rare opportunity to change not only how development proceeds in Newcastle and Brechin Hill, but to change the way planning policy is made in this city.  This is a very necessary step towards establishing planning that is both effective and responsive. This might also encourage the establishment of a higher standard of professionalism within the planning department. All this is needed if we are going to overcome the challenges facing us in the years ahead.
This is one of those times when just showing up could make a real difference. So, show up at the Shaw Theatre, in the Conference Centre at 7 pm on March 14th.