Newcastle-Brechin Open House: the Neighbourhood Speaks

Daniel Appell:  Dec. 13, 2010

The city just released the consolidated comments received in response to the last open house to do with the Newcastle + Brechin Draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Of the 179 responses 84% where against high rise towers by the water in front of Brechin; 8% where in favour and 8% had no comment on that particular issue.  Here is a smattering of comments:

  • “I do not support the plan. I disapprove of highrises on the waterfront. The proposed densities are way too high. The plan is difficult to follow and the wording is misleading.”
  • “No, No, No”
  • “No to medium density and medium high density along the waterfront!”
  • “I feel the way in which this process was carried was misleading. Saying a baseline of 8 storeys for Medium to High Density, but in fact the heights could be greater, 16, 18, 20 storeys. Please tell people the facts in a way they can understand – or was it your intent to hide these facts.”
  • “Your plan’s bullets keep mentioning ‘view protection’ but it is pretty clear that this protection is for those people who will be living in the highrise developments along the waterfront. I am very much against any structures over 3 storeys high to be added to the existing waterfront in this area.”

It was interesting to note that while the Newcastle steering committee strongly endorses this plan, the rest of Newcastle seems as opposed to the plan as Brechin.

The unofficial city response to this was to say, “We expected some negativity.”

Apparently, the ignorance of city planners is only matched by their arrogance. The so called ‘plan’ is proceeding to PNAC with only minor changes.

What do you call a neighbourhood plan that the neighbourhood doesn’t endorse? I call it a waste of time and money.

Heads should roll.