Got a Good Positive Idea?

Daniel Appell: Dec. 1, 2010

We got this idea from an article in the New York Times. Allison Arieff: The Public Square Goes Mobile

She clued us into this group called CEOs For Cities.

They have this “Give a Minute” promotion.
We think this is a good idea.
We would like to try this on our blog. But…..
Unfortunately, we are not very tech savvy, so some technical assistance would be very much appreciated. In fact we know nothing about the social media so if you want to tweet, twitter, facebook, etc. you will have to do this yourself and then report through.  Expect a learning curve to start with.
Here’s how it works:
Take a look at the materials indicated above.
Submit ideas to make our city better as comments to this post.  Simple and small is better.
Remember, if you are smiling while writing your idea, then its a good idea.
No complaining. No debating. (If you want to complain or debate use the rest of the blog.)
After a number of ideas are collected, we will try to organize these ideas. Then we will send each bunch to various local leaders and experts and invite them to respond.