Wimping our Way Back to Serfdom

Ron Bolin  —  September 16, 2010

Letter to the Editor:

Derek Spalding’s Daily News article, “Millennium ordered to repay $3M to city of Nanaimo” on Sept. 15 is a sad story as it suggests we may never see the money we are owed.  But much sadder are the kinds of comments which it has attracted on line where most respondents seem to feel powerless to deal with the situation.  This kind of “kick me, I deserve it” attitude permeates much of our political discourse in Nanaimo and BC.

Made a deal with shell companies costing me over $3 million: “Shame on you, but nothing I can do about it.”

Mislead me about implementing the HST and then kick my overwhelming displeasure down the road for over a year and a $30 million referendum: “Shame on you, but nothing I can do about it.”

With this attitude it is no wonder we get kicked.

There are things we can do about it.  If deals were made with shell companies, those who made them can be appropriately dealt with. If we have been cheated on the HST, we can recall as many of the misleaders as we can, and we can begin today, not next year.

When citizens feel helpless, democracy is in danger. Those who have worked so hard to get us out of serfdom deserve better.

Ron Bolin